Wedding Bands and Their History

A brief history of wedding bandS.

white gold wedding bandsGoing back nearly 5,000 years in Egypt, wedding bands were made from whatever could be found to produce a circular ring around the woman’s finger. Water reeds, sedges or papyrus were twisted together to form a hollow circle to use as a ring.

The round shape symbolised an endless love shared between the man and the woman.

Soon after, rings became made of ivory, bone and leather (for comfort) to create a band that lasted longer. The more expensive the ring, the greater wealth it was believed the groom possessed.

Symbolism of the Wedding Band

The Roman’s empire used the wedding band to confirm a union. For them, a ring symbolised permanence and the durability of the partnership. The Romans were also the first to have rings engraved.

The Christians had other ideas. They preferred unadorned wedding rings as we often see today. A plainer band, instead of ones with various decorative engravings, became far more common among young couples. The ring symbolised a heartful union.

How Did The “Ring Finger” Come About?

custom wedding bandsThere are several theories about how the left-hand ring finger became the one to wear the engagement ring or wedding band.

The Romans are said to have believed that the left-hand ring finger had a love vein present that other fingers didn’t possess. A romantic notion, but the finger has no such vein.

With Christian unions, the priest would touch the thumb first, then the index digit and then the middle finger, before sealing the union by sliding the ring on the fourth digit; the ring finger.

A final theory is that the left hand was safer for a valuable ring because most people are right-handed. The far-left finger, excluding the pinkie finger which is too small, is the safest place to hold the ring. The ring finger is close to the same size as most other fingers on the hand allowing enough surface area for an attractive ring to be created.

Whatever theory that you subscribe to – whether romantic, religious or practical – the wedding band remains a symbol of the union and love shared by the two people who plan to get married and spend the rest of their lives together.

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