Bridal Sets – Picking the Right One

Deciding on your Bridal Sets.

bridal setsPlanning for a wedding in Grande Prairie is fun for many brides-to-be. For the man, it’s a little too much like shopping which is best left up to the women. Because of this apprehension felt by men, shopping for an engagement ring, a wedding band or bridal sets is a bewildering experience at first.

The idea of a bridal set or wedding set is often something new to the would-be groom. While there are differences between both terms, it basically means that the man buys both the engagement ring and wedding ring in a matching set. This is far more practical for several reasons.

The essential difference between a bridal set and a wedding set is that with a bridal set, there are two rings, both for the woman. With a wedding set, there is the engagement ring for her, plus a matching wedding band for both him and her. Outside of the jewellery industry, the wedding set terms are widely used and may (or may not) include gifts for the man.

Wedding Sets & Bridal Sets Are Easier for Men

Women usually love to shop. They often don’t know exactly what they’re looking for and so relaxed browsing is part of their shopping experience. For men, almost the opposite is true. Most men hate to shop, go with a list and try to knock it off and get back home as quickly as possible. Browsing is not an activity enjoyed by many men.

By being able to purchase all the rings at the same time, this one-stop shopping approach suits men very well.

Benefits of Wedding/Bridal Sets

Bridal SetsEngagement and wedding bands should match. The metals need to be the same and the setting for the diamond shouldn’t be positioned in a way that will interfere with wearing both rings together on the same finger.

Sets have created that match. There is no need to choose two rings with a matching gold content, shape, style, or colouration. The diamond setting already has been designed for wearing both rings without the setting on the woman’s engagement ring catching on the wedding band.

It’s also possible that the shape and cut of the diamond do not look right with the band. Whether it’s a pear-shaped or a marquise-shaped diamond, rings bought at separate times might not match up well and look incorrect on the ring finger.

Jonathan’s Staff Provide Expert Guidance

Bridal sets and wedding sets remove the guesswork and make ring shopping much easier. The staff at Jonathan’s in Grande Prairie have considerable experience helpful nervous grooms-to-be choose the right set for them. When shopping for a ring, you’re not going it alone anymore.

Look - you know what they want, let us help you find it.

Our qualified team of experts will be able to guide you through the process and help you at every turn. We already know the dos and don’ts. We can save you a lot of head ache and heart ache.