Weddings and Their History

A brief history of weddings

symbols of weddingsWeddings have been popular since before Medieval times when contracts were drawn up detailing the dowry, shared property and other matters. At the time, women typically wore a blue dress on their special day which signified their purity. It took until Victorian times when Queen Elizabeth chose to wear a white wedding gown making it commonly more acceptable to do so. At Jonathan’s we stay current with the times but acknowledge the rich history of the wedding tradition and the significance of jewellery in it. There are many traditions in weddings, however, the most notable and common traditions are the wedding cake and the exchange of jewellery.

Layered Wedding Cakes

The traditional layered wedding cake also stems back to weddings in the Middle Ages where guests brought along small cakes that were stacked on top of one another. The bride and groom were then to exchange a kiss over the top of the stacked cake. Similarly, flowers placed strategically in the church and the groom wearing a flower in his lapel started to become more commonplace the last few hundred years.

Wedding Jewellery

weddings and their ringsWedding jewellery came into greater use in both the Regency period and more recently in Victorian times when diamond wedding rings were occasionally observed. Wedding bands were exchanged along with their vows of marriage as they are today in Grande Prairie marriage ceremonies.

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