Brands That Are Exclusive To Us

Our premier Brands

Jonathan’s has several popular jewellery brands given pride of place in our store. The jewellery collections change depending on what each brand creates during the year. There are also seasonal collections and one-off jewellery designs too.

We are the exclusive dealer in Grande Prairie for Pandora, Keith Jack and Swarovski jewellery products.


Pandora produces a wide collection of affordable jewellery using Sterling silver, gold and their exclusive Pandora Rose metal blend. Their use of natural and man-made gemstones and a mixture of metals leads to some distinctive yet affordable jewellery.

Keith Jack

The Keith Jack brand draws its influence from Scotland and a secondary influence from Ireland. Traditional Celtic designs and Irish history are clearly evident in the exotic ring designs that evoke deep feeling.


Swarovski has been synonymous with crystal jewellery and accessories since the late 1800s when the company was formed. They developed new crystal cutting machines to improve the cut and clarity of each crystal used. Their jewellery, accessory and gift product lines continue to be popular.

Here at Jonathan’s, we also have jewellery from other brands to offer a wide range of choice to our valued customers.